The Branch Committee consists of:


President: Air Marshal Sir Dusty Miller

Branch Chairman: Mr Mike Bryant

Branch Vice-Chair: Ms Angela Hawley

Branch Secretary: Mr Richard Osler

Branch Treasurer: Mr Steve Poulton

Additional Members: Mr Keith Baalham, Mrs Moyne Blake, Mr Nick Price, Mr Emlyn Phennah

Co-opted Member: none

Co-opted Member: none


RAFA Liaison Officer (RAFALO): Sgt Aaron Viccars

Welfare Officer: Mrs Moyne Blake

Assistant Welfare Officer: Mr Emlyn Phennah

Wings Appeal Officer: Mr Emlyn Phennah

Branch Recruitment Officer: Vacant

Conference Delegate: Mr Keith Baalham

Information about the Branch and joining can be obtained from the Branch Secretary on 01242-524384 or email to [email protected]

An email sent to  [email protected]  will be forwarded to the appropriate Committee member.

Branch Committee Meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of each month. Any Branch member is welcome to attend.