Branch Support

Welfare – questions and welfare issues should be directed to Mrs Moyne Blake, 01242-529522. The Branch recommends anyone seeking any aspect of welfare advice to consult Moyne before searching elsewhere as, in addition to the services provided by well-known charities such as the RAFA and the RAF Benevolent Fund, there are often smaller but less well-known organisations who might be better suited to help.

Issues with this web site should be directed to Mike Bryant, 01242-520533.

Contact the RAF Association centrally

Freephone: 0800 0182 361
or call our Central Headquarters on 0116 266 5224

Write to us at:

RAF Association Central Headquarters,
Atlas House,
41 Wembley Road,

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme advice

For information on how we can help with Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and War Pensions advice, call Chris Francis on 01392 464445 or email him here.

Service Personnel

You could also contact your Hive or speak to the Community Support team on your station.


You can contact us in the following additional ways:

Use our Branch finder to contact other branches.