Programme – RAFA Club Limburg – Year 2022

Club Evenings

October 18          Horse racing
November 15    Autumn Bingo
December 13     Christmas Buffet/Raffle (start at 19.00 hrs.)


5 October                             Lancaster Memorial Service, Brunssum

9 October                            Memorial/Remembrance-Roermond Cemetary, Roermond

11 November (TBC)           Annual Remembrance, Brunssum

13 November(TBC)           Remembrance Sunday, Sittard

17 November                      Monument voor Verdraagzaamheid, Healen/Leudal

27 November (TBC)          COM Limburg Remembrance Service, Sittard

Important Information

The annual membership subscription for Club Limburg for 2020 is €20,00 as agreed at the 2019 AGM.  Payments can be made in cash to the Hon. Treasurer (Rex Thompson) or through the ING Bank a/c  IBAN: NL24 INGB 0000 717097 in the name of: STG Royal Air Force Association Amsterdam, Halfersstraat 7, 6077 CX Sint Odilienberg.  

The composition of the Club Committee is presently as follows:

Chairman/Hon. Treasurer/Hon. Secretary   Rex Thompson
                                                                            Tel: 0475 203562 

Vice Chairman                                                     Steve Goodison

RAFALO                                                                Flight Sergeant Martin Hollow

Welfare Officer                                                    Vacant

Committee Member                                           Vacant


Gatherings of Club Limburg are held in Café Rumpener Beemden, Heugerstraat 2a, 6443 BS Brunssum. (Next to the Rumpener Sport Hall).

All are asked to note that the dates of the remaining gatherings for 2022 have changed as noted above.  Anyone wishing to participate/attend should notify the Chairman in advance via e-mail or telephone number above. This is to ensure the Café Rumpener can make the necessary arrangements to comply with social distancing rules.
Finally, please note that while some dates are known for upcoming commemorations, public attendance is severely limited owing to covid rules.  As further information becomes available, I will inform the members.  If in doubt, please contact the Chairman. Stay safe.